If you’ve ever peeked into one of the dining sheds at Hidden Pond, you may have been inspired to recreate the look. Designer Tim Harrington — who is also one of the partners of the Kennebunkport Resort Collection (KRC) — has personally dressed up many of the spaces and hidden corners of KRC properties – like this potting shed, Hidden Pond’s private outdoor dining space. “He really wanted to surround people with previously loved, used, sentimental items – like old farming equipment – but then balance it with some really beautiful, really polished pieces,” says his collaborating stylist, Krista Stokes. “His design is very much about making things feel cozy, comfortable, familiar – what Maine is for him and many people.” Here, Stokes shares how you can re-create this rustic look in your own home, whether that’s on a screened-in porch or a balcony in the city.

    Turn old shovels or tools into hanging display pieces. “They add a really nice air of rusticness and earthiness,” says Stokes. Harrington picked these shovels and old boat pulleys from the Arundel Flea Market on Route 1.
    These lanterns came from Antiques on Nine. “They’re flat out old fashioned and remind us of history and our past,” says Stokes.
    “You need really beautiful base pieces to pull this look off,” says Stokes referencing these French-country styled chairs by Restoration Hardware that are carried in Kennebunk’s Hurlbutt Designs retail store. “Otherwise, without polished pieces, it could be just any old shed.”
  4. RUG
    “I love the old weathered look of this rug,” says Stokes. If you don’t have an old rug lying around, Stokes suggests looking in local antiques stores. If you buy new, the key is just keeping the color soft, the pattern organic, like in this Thomas Paul Dhurrie Rug.
    The ferns and ivy, from Kennebunk’s Snug Harbor Farm, connect the design to the outdoors with an organic and homey feel. “Plus, they’re easy to maintain here as they require little light and water,” says Stokes.