Earth at Hidden Pond is closed for the winter. Thank you for making this another spectacular season; we look forward to welcoming you back in May 2017.

Imagine ripe heirloom tomatoes, picked hours before…local lobster caught fresh that day…cocktails made from herb-infused spirits and muddled fruits. Envision distinctive, natural decor, dramatic low candlelight, and soothing tones integrated with solid wood, and intricate yet subtly bold details to create an environment unlike any other.

You’re at Earth, and your experience will be exceptional.

Nestled among balsam trees and birch forest, Earth is the result of a vision – one that embraces community and supports relationships between the world of outstanding cuisine and the farmers and foragers who provide the tools with which we compose incredible fare.

Simple yet innovative, Executive Chef Justin Walker’s menu focuses on “farm-to-fork” freshness. In addition to local meats and seafood, ingredients are used from one of two on-site organic gardens – picked daily and incorporated into each dish to enhance the many flavors and provide a taste that only fresh ingredients deliver. Handmade pastas, house-made charcuterie, and wood-oven-fired pizzas are thoughtfully prepared and sure to impress your palate. Our wine program features selections from countries such as Argentina, Chile, and Lebanon, while inspired, signature libations are concocted with freshly muddled fruits and fresh herbs from the garden.

Your surroundings are nothing short of extraordinary, as Earth has brought the outside in. Earth’s walls were built from trees cut to clear the site, and round wood “pickles” cover the walls to enrich the rustic feel. Suspended high above the cement floor is a beautifully preserved apple tree, dotted with tiny, ivory lights and serving as the dining room’s paramount chandelier. Dramatic candlelight creates a warm glow that permeates the space, and as you dine overlooking the pond, a nightly outdoor bonfire further incorporates the element of fire.