Slow down, breathe deeply…you’ve arrived at Hidden Pond, the most intriguing and rejuvenating collection of luxury Kennebunkport cottages in New England. Our cottage enclave, nestled into 60 acres of pristine birch forest, awaits you in glorious Kennebunkport, Maine. Within seconds, you’ll begin to feel the hustle of your life dissipate as you breathe in the fresh air and take in your tranquil surroundings.

A hike on one of our nature trails will reintroduce you to the majesty of nature and the Earth we love and cohabit. Feeling properly reconnected to our land, pay a visit to our Farm, where fresh herbs, beautiful flowers, and a bounty of vegetables are available for your picking. After you’ve harvested the freshest and perfectly ripe tomatoes, spend a few minutes in the cutting garden. In the potting shed, you’ll find a variety of vases to arrange the perfect collection of fresh flowers. As your inspiration is about to burst, visit Judith, our resident artist, who will lead you through painting your first watercolor masterpiece.

With your creativity abundantly quenched, it’s time to let loose! Hop on one of our beach cruiser bicycles, and tool around the neighborhood with a smile from ear to ear as the wind whips through your hair. When was the last time you felt this free? Feeling invigorated? Try a stand-up paddleboarding lesson, or enjoy morning yoga at The Farm. If vegging out is more your style, lounge on a comfy chaise by one of our two pools, where drinks and light fare are at your beck and call. Or, head down to beautiful Goose Rocks Beach and our sister property, The Tides Beach Club. There, the ultimate beach day awaits you as our “Beach Tenders” are here to serve. Need a plush towel, beach chair, cooler filled with chilled waters, or lunch on the beach? All you have to do is ask!

A visit to Hidden Pond. Discover the sweetness of doing nothing!